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Re: Newbie Modem Q

On Thu, 07 Aug 2003, Paul Johnson wrote:

> > USB modems tend toward the win-hardware style also. Others on this list 
> > who use modems will probably be able to give you some advice here (I'm 
> > on cable modem, so haven't used a modem in some time.)
> I said it when I was still on dailup, I still say it today:  If you're
> having problems with an internal modem or a winmodem, scrap it, get a
> real modem (ie, an external modem plugged into /dev/ttyS?) and move on.

I'll second this - software modems tend to have problems, even under
windows.  Using a cheap Intel software modem (device manager shows it 
as an Intel 536EP V.92 Modem) gave me a lot of disconnects under
windows.  Using an internal USR 5610/2976 hardware modem under linux 
gave me much more solid performance [YMMV].  Bear in mind that the linux 
machine is a lowly pentium, and the windows machine is an Athlon.

A cheap software modem costs roughly $20.  The USR 5610 [OEM] / 
2976 [retail] costs $50, and is worth every penny for a dialup user.
Plus, it should work under almost any OS that understands what a modem
is.  If that's too much, check ebay, they seem to have the 2976 or 
almost identical 2977 for cheap as well.

~ Jesse Meyer

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    pretend to be." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr : Mother Night

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