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Re: Newbie Modem Q

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On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 12:40:00AM -0500, Kent West wrote:
> The result is that winmodems (or winprinters, or winscanners, etc)
> are not the best choice for any OS except Windows.

Considering how finicky winshit is, and how slow any computer running
Windows is *before* it has to take on the duties of something better
done in hardware, winhardware is a pretty questionable choice even for
Windows users.  Ironic how they call them winmodems, winscanners, etc,
when they lose so horribly.

> USB modems tend toward the win-hardware style also. Others on this list 
> who use modems will probably be able to give you some advice here (I'm 
> on cable modem, so haven't used a modem in some time.)

I said it when I was still on dailup, I still say it today:  If you're
having problems with an internal modem or a winmodem, scrap it, get a
real modem (ie, an external modem plugged into /dev/ttyS?) and move on.

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