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Re: Challenge-response mail filters considered harmful

Oh this is GREAT!  I can't thank you bullies enough.

1) An MSP user receives an abusive mail from someone who has gone through
   the CR process, thus giving away their actual address.

2) The person calls up the MSP main menu and chooses [g] Harassment.
   They enter the email address at the prompt provided.

3) An explanatory note to the ISP abuse dept. is written into a file, followed
   by a couple of blank lines.

4) A warning mail is sent to the party in question, including the original

5) A copy of this is appended to the file followed by a couple of blank lines.

6) A recipe is written into the user's .procmailrc that will do the following
   if another mail from them is received:

   a)  The mail is appended to the file, followed by a couple of blank lines.
       Full headers.

   b)  The entire file is sent off to abuse at BOTH their and the user's ISP
       (abuse@whatever.isp is an industry standard....)

7) This will be repeated every time they send another mail. Only the first
   one will be seen by the user. They will not be notified a second time.

Now THAT'S a killfile! Be done in a couple of days.....

Thanks again fellows. 

Don't you just love the fact that you are helping me perfect my program?




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