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Re: Challenge-response mail filters considered harmful (was Re: Look at

On Thu, 7 Aug 2003 22:33:06 -0700
Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> wrote:
> You don't get protection from spam.  If humans can decode it, so can
> the spammers.  If humans can't decode it, you're voiding functionality
> needlessly.

    That's just it, while a human *can* decode it a harvester cannot.  It is a
valid address.  Furthermore if you think a human is going to scan the address
list to pick out/decode the addresses then, uh, whatever.  But supposing a
human did it would be passed over since it is a valid address, looks like a
valid address at a passing glance and without context would NOT be caught as a
munged address.

> > "Additional Hassle for You 
> >   In addition, you will have some hassle trying to juggle your munged and
> > non-munged addresses, trying to remember which to use for each occasion,
> > and having to set it back and forth."
> >     No extra hassle, it is essentially the same address.
> If you hit reply and have to change the address, that's needless hassle.

    No extra hassle... FOR ME.  I don't have to remember which address to use
in what situation.  The above passage was about *me*, the poster, having to
remember to munge or not to munge.
> >     Yes, but that doesn't mean that the tool should be ignored.
> Yes, I agree.  Munging isn't a tool as much as it's garbage, however.

    It is a tool if used properly.  Come now, haven't you heard of the most
famous of munged addresses?  They have a term for it.  It's called a

> However, what you are doing is not munging.  You just have an extra
> mailbox for crap that you (hopefully) check before reporting and
> deleting.

    No, it isn't an extra mailbox and no, I don't check it.  It is a different
subdomain which exim is configured to reject outright.  Like I said,
essentially the same address, it is valid, all the work is done on my machine,
doesn't look like it is munged to a cursory human glance.

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