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Re: Newbie Modem Q

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On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 03:21:48PM +1000, Chris Share wrote:
> The PC runs Windows98/2000 and has an internal SwannSmart II modem (on a 
> PCI card).

Ditch it, get an external modem.  Way less troublesome.  If it's a
winmodem (if it doesn't work if you don't have drivers specific to
that model installed in Windows, it's a winmodem.  Your modem is
missing the components that basically make a modem a modem; it's
basically just a sound card with a phone connection), you may be able
to make it work (http://www.linmodems.org/) but be prepared for an
uphill battle that won't be worth your time if you have a life.  If
you weren't informed that the modem you were sold was a piece of crap,
inform your local BBB.

Just get a plain external modem with a serial connection.  Doesn't
matter what brand AFAIK, they all work flawlessly in Linux.

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