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Re: Harassment

> From joe@emenaker.com Thu Aug  7 19:12:24 2003
> Alan Connor wrote:
> >First-of-all, if you think this thread doesn't belong on the list, then
> >why did you respond to it?
> >  
> >
> Ah yes... the ol' "Ad Hominem" argument falacy....
> "Gee officer... I was speeding? Well, if you pulled me over, then you 
> must have been speeding, too. So.... YOU'RE under arrest, too!"
> The fact that Anthony had to perpetuate the thread in order to point out 
> your mistake doesn't mean that you didn't make a mistake.
> Unless the dude harrassing you is the list moderator/admin, then I don't 
> see how this thread should have been started in Debian-User.
> - Joe

If you don't approve of the thread, and I have obviously already
been treated to the opinion of another hypocrite ( he could have mailed
me, couldn't he? )

....then why are you perpetuating it.

I just wanted the group to know that they have a net abuser in their midst.

If you have a problem with that, then that's just too bad.

Write your congressperson.


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