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autofs cdrom problems

Hi all,

I've just set up autofs to handle my cdrom mounting, but I've hit a
slight snag:

antgel $ eject /cdrom
umount: /dev/cdrom mount disagrees with the fstab
eject: unmount of `/dev/cdrom' failed
antgel $ 

Here's the line from my fstab:
/dev/cdrom      /cdrom          iso9660 ro,user,sync,nodev,nosuid,noauto
0       0

And this is from /etc/auto.misc:
cdrom           -fstype=iso9660,ro,sync,nodev,nosuid,user,noauto

It then worked when I changed my fstab to read:
/dev/cdrom      /var/autofs/misc/cdrom  iso9660
ro,user,sync,nodev,nosuid 0     0

even though /cdrom is a symlink to /var/autofs/misc/cdrom.  I also had
to type eject /var/autofs/misc/cdrom.  In this case, eject /cdrom caused
thetry to open and close immediately.

Also, I can't figure out how to play audio cd's.  This used to be as
simple as selecting the /cdrom directory in xmms.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong?


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