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Re: GCC for kernel compilation

On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 16:46, Jamin W. Collins wrote:
> I believe it's more a question of what the authors recommend/support,
> from the README:
> COMPILING the kernel:
>  - Make sure you have gcc 2.95.3 available.  gcc 2.91.66 (egcs-1.1.2) may
>    also work but is not as safe, and *gcc is no longer supported*.
>    Also remember to upgrade your binutils package (for as/ld/nm and company)
>    if necessary. For more information, refer to ./Documentation/Changes.
> GCC v2.95.4 is the closest thing in Debian.

Well, considering that the push for Sarge is to GCC
v3.something.something, I would guess that it should be compiled with
v3.3.x (possible newer versions when the freeze comes into play)

So, I guess this is a moot point.

So this proc works just fine for the 2.4 kernel!

# script assumes you are in the top dir of the
# kernel source tree. I also assume you have any
# patches you want installed, know how to edit a
# script and have packages like nvidia, cloop and
# alsa already installed.
# BTW, there is NO error checking in the script.
# Therefore, onus is on you to make a good build.

# Make it so make-kpkg patches the source
# Get do todays date and store it to a var.
DATE="-`date +%Y%m%d`"
# The Arch you are compiling for
# Which "revision" is this for today?

# I hate the X based configs... slow and clunky
# Also applies any patches at this time.
make-kpkg --config menuconfig configure

# Clean-up all the stuff (also removes any
# patches applied)
make-kpkg clean

# Patches the source, re-builds the config,
# deps and make vmlinuz and modules into a .deb
make-kpkg --us --uc --initrd \
	--append-to-version $DATE-$ARCH \
	--revision $DATE$ARCH$REV kernel_image

# Does all the additional modules like Alsa, Cloop
# and nvidia all into .deb as well
make-kpkg --us --uc \
	--append-to-version $DATE-$ARCH \
	--revision $DATE$ARCH$REV modules_image

# Done.

This script helps me every time. It did fail to link for a while, but
that was known... as of 2.4.21 kpkg hasn't bombed on a build yet for me.
Although sometimes I have problems when I forget to compile in EXT2/3
and/or ReiserFS... ouch... But it compiled JUST fine...

greg, greg@gregfolkert.net
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