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Re: GCC for kernel compilation

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 01:33:38PM -0600, Jamin W. Collins wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 08:27:20PM +0200, Otto Wyss wrote:
> > I just upgraded to the current Sarge and also got GCC 3.3. It seems this
> > version can't compile all the drivers in kernel 2.4.21. Which version
> > should I use? And how do I set this version (Environment variable?)
> > without deinstalling GCC 3.3?
> For now, kernel compiles should use 2.95.  Setting this can be done like
> so:
>    MAKEFLAGS="CC=gcc-2.95" make-kpkg ...
> That is assuming you use the make-kpkg utility for building your
> kernels.  Otherwise, simply setting CC=gcc-2.95 may be enough.

Interesting.  I just built kernel-source-2.4.21 with xfs and lmsensors 
patches using make-kpkg, and also the mga_vid driver (for mplayer) and 
as far as I know I used gcc 3.3.1.   It all went find except I needed to
edit a few source files that had macros that were more than one line 

Was I just lucky?  What's the issue with gcc 3.3 and kernel building?

Bill Moseley

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