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Re: nfs is very slow

Gregor Stößer wrote:


I'm having some trouble with my nfs-server. Performance is very bad, but
all ather protocols (ftp, http, scp) are quite fast. Using scp I can
write around 7 MB per second on the nsf-disk, while with nfs it's just
300 kB. I checked the net, all switches and the ethernet cards, so I'm
sure all the hardware is okay.
I'm running woody(ia64) on a HP I2000 workstation. Everything worked
fine until last week and I'm not able to find any failures. I exceeded
the number of nfs servers in /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server from 8 to 32.
All rpc programms are running, everything seems fine but performance is
rather horrible. Any hints?


P.S. please answer me directly as I'm not on the list

Have you installed the package called 'portmap'? This has helped me tremendously in the past. Also, there has been some recent talk on this list about some nfs related packages getting upgraded and the older packages being better than the current version (this may have been fixed already, I don't know for sure). You can find it in the archives for the last week or so.

Harshwardhan Nagaonkar
Electrical Engineering Sysop
Brigham Young University - 84602

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