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Re: mondo backup: is there someone successful ?

Op di 05-08-2003, om 22:17 schreef Hugo Vanwoerkom:
> That Linux Journal article is a little old: refers to
> mondo 1.13 and stable is 1.66. I use 1.62. Both
> mondorestore and mondoarchive work. Archive has a
> fluke on my Debian Testing system: the CD that is
> created has not got vi so you have to use pico on the
> 2nd vc to edit files which he ignores on the primary
> vc. Other than that it does things well. I would love
> to create a bootable CD with midnight commander but so
> far no success.
> What are the errors you are getting?
> Hugo Vanwoerkom

I tried it and i couldn't get it to make a proper bootable cdrom. It
booted allright but then it gave errors and i couldn't load
mondo-restore. I then dropped it for mkCDRec
which seems to be more successful in doing just that. I even tried the
latest versions (compiled source code from cvs) and combinations of
different mondo and mindi versions and i eventually gave up. I wasted
some 20 hours fiddling with it and finally got fed up. Besides i didn't
have many empty cd's left :)

I does look like a good product but it doesn't seem to like debian.

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