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Re: Lilo Problems

Jefferson Cowart wrote:

I've installed a new server (woody 3.0r1 + proposed updates + security
updates) on a system that is running with root on sda3. Lilo seems to be
having problems as on boot it outputs and L followed by 01 01 01 and on
and on. i.e. "L 01 01 01 01..." Any clues what the problem is? I'm able
to get in using cd3 as a rescue disk and specifying "rescue
root=/dev/sda1". The bios is configured to boot the SCSI drive first.

Please CC me on any responses as I'm not subscribed to this list.

You might post the relevant bits of "/etc/lilo.conf". I suspect you have a line:

You claim that your root is on /dev/sda3, yet your rescue works when you point to /dev/sda1. There's some confusion here. I suspect this confusion is also being "felt" by lilo.

Kent West (westk@acu.edu)

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