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Network is unreachable (bcm4400)


I have a strange problem with my bcm4400 network card which came with my 
laptop. I compiled kernel 2.4.21 with latest bcm4400 driver (borrowed sources 
from sid) on a woody system. Kernel modul is installed properly and ifconfig 
shows that eth0 is up. It seems that system for some reason fails to 
establish DHCP connection. When I boot it immediately reports that network is 
up and moves along, yet any attempt to ping anything gives me "Network is 
unreachable" message. 

To make things even more wierd, if I boot system with my installation kernel 
2.4.18-bf2.4 (for which I compiled bcm driver too) everything works 

If anyone has an idea what might be wrong, please help me out with this. 

Please cc me, I'm not currenly on the list.

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