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Re: Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

It seems to me that your are missing the gnome-common libs. there are few gnome packages you MUST have if you wish to run gtk apps. i *think* if you apt-get install gnome-common your probs will go away, but i havnt thought about this in a very long time.


ZekeVarg wrote:

I'm running X as a user. QT programs works just fine.


IIRC, the display is not set by default for root.  If you are
trying to do this as root you need to set the display manually,
or better yet, start X as a regular user, not root, and then
only use root when you absolutely have to.  Of course I'm assuming
you're actually trying to use the program under X and not at the

Kourosh <debian@mindwaresystems.com>

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