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Re: Sound Config Asus A7V8x-x with 2.4.22-pre10

RE: Sound Config Asus A7V8x-x with 2.4.22-pre10
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: Sound Config Asus A7V8x-x with 2.4.22-pre10
From: Dan Hunt <dan@hunt.ath.cx>
REsponding to you directly as I'm not on the List, but
was searching the  Archives.

Not sure this will solve the problem.
But if your Debian is Stable, you may need additional
devices to support  sound. Read  man MAKEDEV
If you are using the devfs, with 2.4.22-pre10
you must boot with:  option devfs=nomount
before you can run:
cd /dev
./MAKEDEV -v -d audio
audio:  This  creates  the audio devices
used by the sound driver.
These include mixer mixer{1..3} (Mixer
controls),  sequencer (Audio sequencer), dsp dsp{1..3} (Digital audio),
sndstat(Sound card status information), audioctl (SPARC  audio  
control  device)and audio   audio{1..3} (Sun-compatible
digital audio). MIDI devices are midi00 through midi03,
midi{0..3}, rmidi{0..3}, smpte{0..3}.
In addition,  devices  mpu401data  and mpu401stat  are created.

	I will try that once I find out how 
	to boot with option devfs=nomount !
	You don't have to be on this list to post.

	Kind Regards
	Dan Hunt

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