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Re: more install problems

On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 12:19, Richard Lyons wrote:
> Update: Flawless.  It installs and boots.  A few configurations in 
> /etc/hosts and so forth and the networking is alive.  I HAVE A 
> WORKING DEBIAN!  Sorry to shout, but -- well -- it took a while.  
> A thousand thanks to everyone who helped.  Even the ideas that didn't 
> pan out were very informative.
Okay now, SINCE you went through a ton of trials and tribulations...

Time to Write up a Good Summary with a few key details to help those
others flailing around similarly can maybe glean some good info from it.

Don;t be TOOOO long in the tooth, as we have all seen what you have gone
through... BUT don;t leave out details that are important!

Congratulations, on becoming one of the Collective Users of Debian.
Choose it,Infuse it, Use it, Love it, Update it. You;ll never go back to
NON-quality controlled Distro's again[1]. I know I won't if at all

[1] IOW, less Quality Policy than Debian. not APT v. RPM... Policy,
Policy, Policy.
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net
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