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Re: XFS + big IDE drive on woody : need help

 Hi Gilles,

 you wrote:
 I need to have together : XFS on all file system and big IDE drive.
  what are the best suggestion :
 -  compile 2.4.20 kernel plus kernel-patch-xfs for 2.4.18 [seems odd %(]
 -  update debian including testing distro
 -  forget 250 giga disk for a while [ until sarge come out as stable ?]
 -  other suggestion...

 here's an other suggestion :

 you have a working system, and you can access 128GB on your disks,
  so use that until Debian releases with kernel 2.6,
  which has large blockdevice support (up to 16TB) and XFS.

 that seems like most efficient solution to me

 have fun


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