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Re: XFree86 4.3 strange library behaviour

 Hi James William,

 you wrote:
 I'm running woody with the .1 update
    and have just compiled XFree86 4.3 on my system.
 The problem I'm having is that libXTrap.so.6 and libXv.so.1
   (maybe others too) are not found 
 Any pointers to what may be causing this?

 Debian has very active and expert X maintainers
   (last week i saw branden fix a potential problem with kernel 2.6,
     which hadnt bothered anybody yet).
 If you think you can get better result by compiling XFree86 new version
   then they can 
   (if it could be done without problems, they would already have done it),
   then you run the risk of things not working perfectly.
 And you lose possibility to get support, because nobody knows what state
  your system is in now, not even you.

 Why not simply upgrade to unstable ?

 I think you just underestimate difficulties involved.

 hope this helps,


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