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Re: mail gathering

On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 12:54:34AM +0200, vinz wrote:
> Hi.
> OK I have a problem.... I can't figure this out... I'm useing powermail
> www.powerdns.com
> to hand my pop3 mail system.
> what i need to do is to download all mail from my pop3 server on the
> internet mail.webonline.co.za
> and bring it to my local pop3 server localhost.
> fetchmail only allows me to download mail to root but i want to put the mail
> into my pop3 account how do i go about doing this and what program can i use?

If I understand your question rightly, I'm pretty sure fetchmail *will*
do this.
With fetchmail's configuration, you can specify that mail from a
particular remote POP mailbox goes to a particular local user.
That local user can then POP the mail from your machine if you're
running a POP server, of course.

Personally, I have fetchmail running in daemon mode, checking several
different remote POP boxes and handing off to exim to deliver to the
appropriate local user(s).

Maybe take a look through fetchmail's manpage, paying particular
attention to the "Configuration Examples" section.

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