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Re: mail gathering

Kirk Strauser <kirk@strauser.com> writes:
> At 2003-08-04T22:54:34Z, "vinz" <vince@webonline.co.za> writes:
>> fetchmail only allows me to download mail to root but i want to put
> the
>> mail into my pop3 account how do i go about doing this and what
> program
>> can i use ?
> Run fetchmail as you?

If I understand the Powermail stuff he may not have an account on his

Vinz, take a look at the "--smtpname" option of fetchmail. You can
also do the same in a fetchmail configuration file. Look at the man
page for fetchmail and the "CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES" where they specify
separate user IDs for the remote system (pop3 server) and the local


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