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Re: Sony Digital Camcorder connected via USB possible?

Once upon a time Jamin W. Collins was quoted as saying:

> In general, yes.  With that particular model, no.  All I needed to do
> was treat the camera like any other USB storage device, and make sure it
> was on.

Whilst in general that is true, I had a problem a while back tring to get
my digital camera (epsilon) connected to my box, it uses usb for the
connection, it plugs in fine and I get console msgs regarding a scsi
driver has been loaded,
but I'm unable to access it at all under /dev/sda1.

After several emails to one of the usb maintainers and also on kernel.org,
it seems that whilst the device is saying that it is reported as a mass
staorage device, its actually emulating it (by using windows drivers),
hence unable to connect to any partition at all on the device.

This apparently is the case for a lot of cheapish usb devices, In the end
I bought a Zion smart card reader and used that, plug in and mount as

mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /usb-media

So be prepared for that scenario, whilst it may display as a mass staorage
device, you may not be able to connect to it.

But there are always workarounds, as in my case the Zion Smart card reader


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