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Re: more install problems

On Monday 04 August 2003 06:34, Andrew McGuinness wrote:
> Looking at the cardctl output from your card, I think the 8139too
> module provided with 2.4.18-686 ought to work.  Remember that your
> mandrake install worked without needing to compile a separate
> driver.

Yes, but it doesn't seem to work.  I notice the card doesn't light up 
now, so I think I've simply lost some configuration with all this 
thrashing about.  There ought to be a dpkg-reconfigure something, I 
suppose, but I don't know what.

Or perhaps the 8139too.o that is there now is the faulty one I 
compiled...  But how to reinstall the distro version?

Also, I have a menu of network configurations that pops up at each 
boot, and if I try to make a new configuration, the list is simply 
longer next time.  But that does not include the configuration of the 
driver, just IPs and so forth, so redoing that is pointless.  I don't 
remember what it told me about getting rid of that menu, though.

> boot into the new kernel, and:
> # modprobe pcmcia
> # modprobe yenta_socket

these are silent
but these:

> # modprobe 8139too
> # ifconfig eth0 up

give 'No such device' errors

> The above line defines RTL_MEM_ACCESS, but is commented out.  Take
> off the leading #

I did (typical newbie behaviour: thrash around and break everything, 
while missing the obvious simple things) and the driver compiles with 
just a couple of 'unused variable' warnings.  Put it in place, but I 
still need to sort out the configuraion issues mentioned above.

Anyone still have patience for this?



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