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Re: more install problems

Richard Lyons wrote:
On Saturday 02 August 2003 11:19, Andrew McGuinness wrote:

I really think the 8139too driver in 2.4.18 ought to be able to
work this.

The problem must be either a general PCMIA issue, or a problem with
the 8139too driver being compiled-in instead of being a module.

I have given up trying with the 2.4.18-bf2.4 and changed to the kernel 2.4.18-686, and would like to see if the 8139too driver can now be compiled. The latest file (from the Realtek site) has this Makefile:

Looking at the cardctl output from your card, I think the 8139too module provided with 2.4.18-686 ought to work. Remember that your mandrake install worked without needing to compile a separate driver.

boot into the new kernel, and:

# modprobe pcmcia
# modprobe yenta_socket
# modprobe 8139too
# ifconfig eth0 up

# Makefile for a basic kernel module

# This flag specifies access type to operation register on PCI \ ethernet chips. # If you apply 8139/8139CP ethernet controller via cardbus interface \ on linux distribution Red Hat 7.3
# please turn on this macro.
The above line defines RTL_MEM_ACCESS, but is commented out.  Take off
the leading #

# Please specify the include path according to your kernel.
NEW_INCLUDE_PATH = /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-3/include/

# GNU C compiler and its flags

all: 8139too

8139too:        8139too.c /usr/include/linux/version.h
                $(CC) $(MODCFLAGS) -I$(NEW_INCLUDE_PATH) -c \
8139too.c -o $@.o

'make' fails because of the '-D${RTL_MEM_ACCESS}'. Can anybody tell me what this is intended to be. Is it an item that needs editing (not according to the instructions in the readme), or is it an environment variable that Realtek expect to be available, or what. It is evidently interpreted as '-D'.


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