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Re: libglide3 / libGL errors

 Hi Peter Jay,

 you wrote :
I've been playing with GLUT and OpenGL.
I get the following run-time error message:
libGL error: can't find Glide library, dlopen(libglide3-v5.so) and
   dlopen(libglide3.so) both failed.
libGL error: dlerror() message: /usr/lib/libglide3.so: undefined symbol:
these are two different issues, and both are perplexing.

 obviously different issues:
   if it cant find the library, then it cant find an undefined symbol in it.
 if these are run-time errors, then you at least got your program to compile.
 when compiling, you specified to use libglide,
   so you need to have that on your system,
   in the place where librarys are looked for (check with locate for example).
   and it needs to be readable to program (check permissions)
 i guess it wasnt there at all,
   and then you found a libglide somewhere and put it library directory.
 but then you got second error : undefined symbol
 this means that libglide that was found is not
   version of libglide that code of  your program needs.

 this is my best guess, but you give very little info to go on.

 hope this helps,


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