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Re: more install problems

On Saturday 02 August 2003 08:50, Andrew McGuinness wrote:
> Unfortunately that shows that it is basically the same driver
> (8139too) as is built into the bf2.4 kernel already.

Okay, I've just booted the Morphix disk again, to check I wasn't 
mistaken.  It works fine.  Accesses network flawlessly.

lsmod in the working morphix gives

Module            Size  Used by       Not Tainted
autofs4           9524   1 (autoclean)
translucency     31968   6
cloop-mod        22756   1
sc46xx           56016   0 (unused)
ac97_codec        9832   0 [cs46xx]
soundcore         3524   3 [cs46xx]
8139too          15816   1
mii               2176   0 [8139too]
apm              10092   1
rtc               7196   0 (autoclean)
cloop            22468   1

The kernel is '2.4.20-xfs'.  I note there is a module called mii 
connected with the realtek driver.  Also I don't see any i82365.

I don't know whether that tells you anything.  


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