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Re: Is there a *console* screen capture

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Alan Connor wrote:
> Please don't clutter your posts with pgp signatures. 
> Most of us don't have the software to interpret them
> and I, for one, don't give a rip if you are who you say
> you are or not. We are exchanging info about DEbian/Linux,
> NOT  Swiss bank account numbers....

1) PGP signatures will not protect information from being read.  PGP 
signatures only verify who sent what.[1]

2) Unless you are running a seriously broken email client[2], PGP signing 
of email adds only a few lines to an email.

3) Although you might not care who I am, I can imagine several possible
scenarios where it would be very beneficial[3] to be able to show that I am
in the habit of signing all of my outgoing email.

~ Jesse Meyer

[1] For privacy, you need the sensitive data PGP encrypted.

[2] I'll give you 3 guesses to which popular email software is seriously 
broken to the point of ignoring the 6 year old RFC[4] that specifies the 
PGP-mime type.

[3] "beneficial" being defined as "not having to share a cell with a
sexually deprived 300 redneck named Bubba who is no longer picky about
his partner's gender or consent."

[4] RFC 2015, published October 1996

         icq: 34583382 / msn: dasunt@hotmail.com / yim: tsunad

   "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we 
    pretend to be." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr : Mother Night

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