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Re: Best? groupware

On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 06:22, Timothy Webster wrote:
> I need some advice on which groupware I should select
> for small business.
> Kroupware (Kolab), requires a propriety connector for
> Outlook clients. That is OK with us. How mature is it?
> Open Source Groupware, how mature is it?

the kolab server is built on a lot of very mature open source servers,
it's hard to say how mature it is as a whole though when it hasn't yet
reached 1.0 (afaik) 

I took a look it recently and it looked pretty decent, the only warts I
found were these:

- All folders as subfolder of inbox. A small thing, but you know users
- complex configuration. Not quite as simple as setting up a connection
to and exchange server, but hopefully only has to be done once
- Nasty RPM based installation. I don't know if you've installed it, but
kolab uses openpkg packages, which basically means it keeps its own rpm
database not really a terrible thing, but it will be nice when it is
packaged for debian, I think I remember seeing an ITP for kolab server
- Lots of TNEF files on the IMAP server. I was hoping that the insight
connector client would cause outlook to store its stuff in normal vcard,
ical etc formats but if it does, it is from inside a tnef file (blech)

That's about it for the bad stuff, it actually seemed to work pretty
well. The management interface is simple enough to use. I haven't tried
the kde kolab client, but it is one additional benefit to the kolab
server if you ever have plans to run linux on the desktop without the
price tag of the exchange 2000/evolution combo


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