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OT: Advice on Linux Web Hosting

I am wondering if anyone has any advice on a good linux web hosting
provider.  I am looking to go with a reputable company at reasonable rates.
I would need anywhere from 6gb - 10gb / month bandwidth.  Access to CGI bin
preferable, other nice features would be MySQL, perl, php, etc.  Preferably
located in the US.

I may be out of line here asking this question, if so, please let me know.
I did a search on Google for "web hosting" & "linux web hosting" and I am
bombarded with a TON of sites that are hard to tell through their marketing
lit if they are reputable or not.  Another common search result were pages
that claimed to be "ratings" and "review" sites, but were simply fronts for
their businesses.

Any advice on this topic would be great.  I do not want to have to play
games with businesses and hope to get up and running quickly.  Remember
price is not _so much_ an option here.  This is for the company I work for
and they are quite comfortable footing the bill for better service (read


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