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New Sarge NFS Server Unexporting after certain interval?

Hi all,

Just dist-upgrade'd and now have a new problem. I have a typical setup
where one computer is the nis/nfs server, and the other workstations use
autofs to mount the home dirs on login. Seems like after a certain
period, the home directories become unexported, or something. I have to
restart the nfs program and do exportfs -a, and then restart autofs on
the workstation in order for it to properly be able to login and mount.
Logging in again shortly after logging out is no problem. But logging in
again after a while, it no longer is able to mount the directory, and I
have to restart the services and export again.

Is there a new timeout or something that I can change? I have the stuff
in /etc/exports set up as 'sync', if that makes any difference.


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