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Re: New Sarge NFS Server Unexporting after certain interval?

>>> Ian Melnick writes:

  Ian> Just dist-upgrade'd and now have a new problem. I have a typical setup
  Ian> where one computer is the nis/nfs server, and the other workstations use
  Ian> autofs to mount the home dirs on login. Seems like after a certain
  Ian> period, the home directories become unexported, or something. I have to
  Ian> restart the nfs program and do exportfs -a, and then restart autofs on
  Ian> the workstation in order for it to properly be able to login and mount.
  Ian> Logging in again shortly after logging out is no problem. But logging in
  Ian> again after a while, it no longer is able to mount the directory, and I
  Ian> have to restart the services and export again.
  Ian> Is there a new timeout or something that I can change? I have the stuff
  Ian> in /etc/exports set up as 'sync', if that makes any difference.

I went through the same steps and mindset but after reading
other posts about "nfs problem", I back-reved my
nfs-kernel-server and my problems went away.

Good luck.

- Bill
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