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Re: moving mail to imap

Does imap support folders/sub-folders/sub-sub-folder setups?

I've tried making a folder under the imap connection.. but then it doesn't let me create a sub-folder under the newly created folder.. is that right?



Juri Haberland wrote:

Craig Tinson wrote:
Hey all..

I use mozilla mail for my email.. and (at the moment) I have about
15,000 emails in my "Local Folders".. they are all in
folders/subfolders/sub-subfolders etc.. and arranged to my liking..

I have another server running imap.. can I just move all my existing
mail to that server?

I've tried *dragging* my mail folders to the imap connection but it does
work.. so I'm  presuming it's not that simple (is anything???) so am stuck

Can someone give me a few pointers on how I can achieve this?

Try to mark all mails in a folder and drag them to the new IMAP folder.


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