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Looking for more Debian packages

Hi folks

My Linux system is basically working. I am looking at ways to enhance it.

1) I read about disk boot problem in the mail list. Right now I boot from a floppy. My machine BIOS can only boot from the C drive or the floppy. I use D drive for my Linux. If my floppy fails to boot, I may have to re-build a whole new system. It would be wise to have an image copy of the whole floppy as a backup. Is there a utility to create a binary image of a Linux floppy? I have looked at fdutils. It doesn't help.

2) I have read about Linux BIOS. I believe BIOS is another area of software that has to open up. Does Debian have one, and come with source code too?

3) Does Debian support freehand writing devices such as Wacom electronics pad? I'm talking about the device driver as well as application packages such as freehand editing for documentation and emailing, freehand drawing etc.

Looking forward to some answers.


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