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Re: kernel compilation question

Marino Fernandez wrote:
On Sunday 27 July 2003 9:47 pm, Rodney D. Myers wrote:

Now that I'm fully moved over to Debian :-), I'm looking at start
tinkering with kernel compilation.

I would "assume" I'd need the kernel-source package of my choice? But it
are there any other package(s) I'd need to download to get started?



In Debian Reference there is an explanation for compiling the kernel "the debian way" and for compiling it manually... and to be honest, I think both ways are very easy... the "hard" part is not the compilation per se, or making the proper changes so your system boots OK (ALWAYS REMEMBER TO UPDATE LILO OR GRUB), but to configure the kernel (make menuconfig or however you do it) properly... but this, like everything, is a trial an error thing... and very instructive about the innards of the kernel.

The nice thing about GRUB is you don't need to update it for a new kernel, you can set it to boot /vmlinuz, and you only need to change the symlink /vmlinuz to point to the new kernel. GRUB reads the filesystem, so it can follow the symlink

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