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Upon boot, many strange and useless modules are loaded

I have a simple Gateway consumer-grade machine with an i810e motherboard, 
866MHz/128MB/120MB ide. I am running 2.4.21-2-686. Using grub to boot my old 
2.4.20 does not help.

I had left the machine running for a few weeks, when I needed to shut it down. 
After rebooting, my USB mouse is frozen upon reaching the KDM login screen. 

After a little poking around, I found that all sorts of oddball modules (for 
which I don't have the hardware. serverworks?) had been loaded. After 
manually rmmod-ing them, my mouse unfroze and all was happy. 

My recurring problem is that all of the modules that I rmmod-ed  re-appear 
upon a reboot. I haven't had time to troubleshoot this all week, so I've been 
limping along by running this script, which will result in my being able to 
use my mouse.

# begin included file
rmmod via82cxxx
rmmod trm290
rmmod triflex
rmmod slc90e66
rmmod sis5513
rmmod siimage
rmmod serverworks
rmmod sc1200
rmmod rz1000
rmmod pdc202xx_old
rmmod opti621
rmmod ns87415
rmmod hpt366
rmmod hpt34x
rmmod cy82c693
rmmod cs5530
rmmod cmd64x                  
rmmod cmd640
rmmod amd74xx
rmmod alim15x3
rmmod aec62xx
rmmod adma100
rmmod pdc202xx_new
# end of file


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