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Re: First mail from my Linux

> From stormspotter@6texans.net Thu Jul 24 13:20:34 2003


> ...
> Description: Midnight Commander - A powerful file manager. - normal
> version Midnight Commander is a feature-rich file manager. It has mouse
> support in a linux console and in an xterm. It started as a Norton
> Commander clone but now it is far superior to it. Among other things it
> can do FTP, includes a hex editor, comes with an internal editor which
> can be invoked separately as 'mcedit' and lets you do most system
> administration tasks.
> Dosshell was more likely another example of Microsoft's way of finding
> new features for Dos/Windows - find a feature/program that you like
> and imitate it.
> Best regards,
> Jacob

mc is a WONDERFUL tool. mc in screen in an xterm is the penquin's honk :-)


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