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Re: Mozilla Very Very slow in rendering

On Thursday 17 July 2003 02:05, Christopher L. Everett wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
> >On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 23:43, Christopher L. Everett wrote:

> >
> >Does top(1) indicate excess memory or CPU usage?
> When the problem is at its very worst mozilla is using 98+% of the CPU .
> RAM footprint seems fairly modest,  less than what I was used to with
> the 1.0.0-woody mozilla package.

This sounds like the problem I am having with Konqueror.  Today it happened 
with Netscape 4.77.  Both from stable packages.  Caught Netscape using 98%+ 
today.  It was website related.  When Konqueror locks it seems like top 
doesn't even work correctly.

I loaded Mozilla Firebird from an upstream tarball today for i686.  Went to 
the offending website and Firebird sailed through with no problems.

I tried Mozilla from the upstream source on the notion that websites are 
getting increasingly IE-ized (read that nearly all browsing is with IE now).  
I guessed that Mozilla has the best chance of being IE compatible right now.  
I don't know if my reasoning is correct, but the end result was desireable.  
I hope that my reasoning is incorrect.

You might try getting the upstream Mozilla Firebird tarball and experimenting 
on your own.  Maybe there's just a bug in the woody package.
Mike Mueller

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