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Replying by email to the newsfeed [Was: Re: Linux Commands]

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 07:00:21PM +0200, Alan Connor wrote:
> Tried to pipe the articles, with |, to mutt but it hasn't  worked so far.

I save articles I wish to keep or reply to (using 'o' in slrn) to the
default file (probably ~/News/Linux.debian.user).  Then browse this
file using my MUA ('c', '?', and then to '../', and '/News' etc. in
mutt).  Saved articles are in mailbox format so mutt will display them
the same as a saved email.  Reply as usual editing the To: field as

Keeping mail and news separate helps me to avoid confusing the two
(which could be quite embarressing in some situations :).  Also, any
tweaks I may make to the way I handle my mail in the future will be
preserved for my debian-user mail. I think it is confusing enough to
read the list as news and post to it as mail without further
complicating matters by using my newsreader to send mail to the list.


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