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Re: Mozilla Very Very slow in rendering

Ron Johnson wrote:
On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 23:43, Christopher L. Everett wrote:
Mark C wrote:

I'm not sure if its me going mad, but every version of mozilla using xf
build from testing/unstable seems to render very very slow, in terms of
UI and web pages,
but on the same box under redhat mozilla loads and renders fine 
(just everything else in rh is slow)

Mine starts out OK, and progressively slows down.  Some sites
cause more problems than others.  An 30-40 ebay pages brings
mozilla to its knees, but I can spend hours doing web development
with no problems.  The slowdown happens in all parts of Moz, like
Does top(1) indicate excess memory or CPU usage?
When the problem is at its very worst mozilla is using 98+% of the CPU .
RAM footprint seems fairly modest,  less than what I was used to with
the 1.0.0-woody mozilla package.
What version did you say you're using?
1.4-2 out of sid.

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