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OT: Secure (?) way of displaying a popup window

Hi everybody.

I have written a short perl script which reads the battery status of my 
laptop out of /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state, to be able to see how much 
time I have left until I have to shutdown or running to the nect power 
jack. I know there exists a kde applet which does this job, but I use 
plain IceWM, so I have to do it myself. My idea is: I have this script 
running as a daemon, and if battery capacity goes below a certain 
threshold, a window (Perl/TK or /GTK) should pop up and say:
"Boy, you better run now..."
Now my problem is: Usually only I have the right to display a new window 
on my screen, not any daemon user, no normal user and and certainly not 
root. Any pointers how to do that?
I have already thought about beeping. I installed the "beep" program, 
but the problem is: I hear it only when I don't set my mixer to "mute" 
(which I do rather often... .


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