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Re: configuring DHCLIENT-2.2.x

>     "Lars" == Lars Unin <lars_unin@linuxmail.org> writes:
>     Lars> I have a vanilla Debian Woody, no X, I'd like to configure
>     Lars> DHCLIENT to query the broadband DHCP server to get itself up
>     Lars> and running, I can do this really easy with 2.4 based
>     Lars> systems with DHCPCD, but I've never used this tool before,
>     Lars> and alas the man page is, well, *undescriptive* and Google
>     Lars> pulls up nothing of use.
> Okay, try and give us more *information* so we can help.

> What kernel version are you using. Exactly. (uname -r).

> What is the output of dpkg -l 'dhcp*' | grep ^i showing. Does it show
> that you have dhcp-client 2.0pl5-11 installed (on Woody, or later if
> you or on sarge/sid).

yep 2.0pl5-11
> How is your broadband connection set up. Do you have a router between
> your ethernet cable and the connection?

> Is it DSL?
> If DSL, do your require PPPoE because your ethernet cable is directly
> connected to the DSL modem?

>     Lars> Assume the network card is loaded up properly. It is anyway.
> So 'ifconfig eth0' (or eth* whatever) shows a proper system?
No, actually it doesn't
and pegasus.o isn't loaded automatically so I have to do it myself

rupertthebear~# su
root~# insmod pegasus

In mandrake I tell dhcpcd to:
root~# dhcpcd -h user.name
(where i've changed user.name for security reasons)
which configures It for me, no problems there since, if that helps.

> Finally, you say it does not work? How do you know this? Is it
> ifconfig output? Or is it that the network does not come up.

Ifconfig, no network, no way of getting the latest unstable packages.gz 

> And please, please post replies to the list!
I always cc myself!

> Cheers!
> Shyamal
How do ya prounounce that out of interest?

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