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installing a Debian system on a 2nd hdd while booted off the first

Hey folks,

This may be trivial, but I could not find definitive information on
this.  I know about debootstrap, but I was wondering how I would go
about to install Debian onto a second harddrive from within
a currently booted system. I would like to be able to run the
installer just as if I had booted off it.

Or: do I even need the installer? If I use debootstrap onto
a partitioned hdd with appropriate filesystems, change the hostname
myself, install the proper kernel, install grub into the MBR and
boot off the disk, will it work? Is there anything I need to

Ideally, I would like to be able to hook a hdd into an existing
system, install Debian on it, then ship it off to be installed and
booted. That's all.

Sorry if this may seem like a stupid question. I've been fighting
with this machine all morning, and I am about to give up...


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