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Re: mozilla-firebird packaging error?

James, if you believe there is a bug or problem with a debian package,
please check the BTS (bugs.debian.org) and see if the problem has
already been reported. If not, please file a bug providing as much
information as possible. You can use the 'reportbug' tool to do this.


On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 10:14:59PM -0700, James Horey wrote:
> Hello,
> I believe there is something wrong with the
> mozilla-firebird package in the unstable branch. 
> When I recently UNinstalled mozilla-firebird from my
> system, I noticed that it showed up on my
> "uninstalled-residual config" list on synaptic. It
> stated that the "/etc/mozilla-firebird" directory 
> hadn't been deleted. Unfortunately, this wasn't true
> as /etc/mozilla-firebird definately was gone. When I
> tried to reinstall mozilla-firebird, none of the .js
> files that were supposed to go into
> /etc/mozilla-firebird were installed, since presumably
> my system believed those files were never deleted to
> begin with. As such after reinstallation, firebird
> wouldn't start. After I manually replaced those .js
> files, firebird started up ok. I hope this message
> saves somebody some trouble in the future! Thanks guys
> for the hard work!
> PS: Please CC james_horey@yahoo.com, as I am not a
> member of this list. Thanks!
> -James Horey <james_horey@yahoo.com>
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