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Re: Gnome-Terminal size not restored

>>>>> "Javier" == Javier Kohen <jkohen@arnet.com.ar> writes:


Javier> I have saved the session after resizing the terminal to my
Javier> favoured size. In my previous system, which was sensitively
Javier> slower than the one I use now, you could see the window spawning
Javier> at the desired size and then shrinking back to 80x24
Javier> (characters); I don't know if that's still going on with the
Javier> current versions, because I don't have an eye that fast :)

I get the same thing on my system.  It starts off at the right size,
then shrinks itself.  AFAICT, it only happens if I start off with some
tabs open (but I haven't tried with no tabs for a while).

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