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I have just (re)installed the whole of Debian Woody and I'm confronted with a problem I encoutered when I first installed it. My video card is a Radeon 9000, not recognised by the X server (and may-be by the X libraries) belonging to the Debian distributions. The other time I downloaded the X tarball from the XFree86 site, and installed it using their Xinstall program. All worked well, but I suppose I would have had problems with apt or dpkg if I tried to use them. Therfore this time I'd rather try to do thinks more properly.

I understand that I should create an equivs file or package; but the apt-howto that I consulted is a bit too concise for me (and may be out of date). I got no answer neither from "man equivs", nor from "man -k equivs". I didn't find anything in the apt manpage. So: would anybody help?


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