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Re: Mozilla bookmarks

Vineet Kumar wrote:

* Pigeon (jah.pigeon@ukonline.co.uk) [030707 15:51]:
On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 04:11:36PM +0700, Oki DZ wrote:

Why do you need to exit from Mozilla first before the bookmarks get permanently stored on disk? I mean, when you have saved a bookmark and Moz crashes, the new bookmarks wouldn't get stored.
Probably because it stores the bookmarks in memory and doesn't bother
writing them to disk until it needs to, ie. when you shut it down so
it can't keep them in memory anymore. Lots of apps do this sort of
thing. The general rule is that if an app crashes you can expect to
lose anything you've done in it that you haven't explicitly saved to

True.  The problem Oki describes is real, though: I don't believe
there's any way to "save" without closing mozilla.  This means that some
data (the bookmarks) can't be saved without losing other data (the
"state" of the session: open tabs, "back" and "forward" history, etc.)

I'd say this would be an appropriate issue to file in bugzilla (if it's
not already there, of course).

good times,
And I'm not statisfied with the fact that mozilla stores cache and other information in $HOME/.mozilla for the default,
I think it should be stored in /var/cache, /var/lib, /var/lock ... instead

However things underlying that is we lacks a strict standard, from the view of FHS, programs should not be installed as a big directory, but divided into bin, lib, share ... I think it's reasonable, but also make the dir structure as clear as it can be. So it's somehow in a dilemma.
I'm wondering about that.

Life will be easier if all programs can adhere to the same standard.

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