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Re: OT: CPU Speed and Temperature

 --- Shri Shrikumar <shri@urbyte.com> escribió: 
> On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 00:52, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> > I adjusted the the "FSB Frequency" down from 166 MHz to 133 MHz.  I usually
> > get temps of 48-52 C after a few hours of normal use (running as a 1900+).
> > If I do anything CPU intensive (compile a kernel, zip or unzip a huge file,
> > etc.) then it hot enough that I can't even think of running it as a 2500+
> > and as a 1900+ the temps go to 53-57 C.  That seems a bit high to me.
> I have a P4 which has a normal temperature range of upto around 70
> degress Celsius. AMD chips are supposed to run even hotter so, 53-57
> degrees C sound fine to me. You should google around to find its
> temperature range.
> Like others have suggested, I would recommend running memtest to ensure
> that there is nothing wrong with your memory modules. Also, what
> graphics card are you using and does it lock up even if you re not in X
> ?
> HTH,
> Shri

I have a Radeon 9000 Pro.  The first time it locked up was when I left it
running overnight at a text terminal (I hand't been able to get X working
at that point).


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