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Re: OT: CPU Speed and Temperature

Roberto Sanchez wrote:

The problem I am having now is that I can't even run it at the _rated_ clock
speed.  I have to run it my 2500+ as a 1900+ to keep it from locking up.

Did you assemble this machine yourself? Are you sure the CPU cooler is rated for your proc? Did you apply thermal grease correctly? There should be a hair thin layer of thermal grease spread evenly on the CPU die. You can use a credit card to smear it on evenly. Google for "applying thermal grease" Did you put the cooler on right? It's possible to put it on backwards, which then creates a small gap between the cooler and CPU die. Is there anyting blocking the exhaust fans at the rear of the case? Flush up againt the wall?

Did you install you fans correctly? The rear fans should be blowing air out the case. The front case fans should be pulling air into the case. The theory being cool air gets pulled in, past the fins of the heatsink, then sucked out by the rear fans into the enviroment. Misplaced fans cans cause warm air to just stagnate in the case. Make sure you case side panels are on and closed shut.
Not a good idea to run the computer without the side panels on.

I adjusted the the "FSB Frequency" down from 166 MHz to 133 MHz.  I usually
get temps of 48-52 C after a few hours of normal use (running as a 1900+).
If I do anything CPU intensive (compile a kernel, zip or unzip a huge file,
etc.) then it hot enough that I can't even think of running it as a 2500+
and as a 1900+ the temps go to 53-57 C.  That seems a bit high to me.

But what about the rest of the voltage settings? Are those set correctly for your processor? You might want to try running with all default settings
and see what kind of temps you get.

Good Luck

Google is your friend.

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