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Re: apt-get update: gzip: stdin: not in gzip format

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert August Vincent <debian-user@pillars.net> writes:

    > Question:

    > 1. Is this a bug in Dansguardian, or is it the fault of the
    > webservers which deliver incorrect Content-Type: headers?

Sounds like Dansguardian is at fault to me.  Have you submitted a
bug report for the Debian package?

    > 2. Should I post my work-around patch?  Is there a better
    > way?

Please post it.  I've been trying so sort out the same problem.
Thanks to your finding the root of it, I've been solving it by
doing an unset http_proxy before running apt-get.  There's got to
be a better way...

Thanks, Mike

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