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Re: server version, stable or testing?

[20030705] Johann Koenig (explosive@att.net) wrote:

> I run a small server, does http/ssh/imap, pretty much just for me. Yes,
> smtp is locked down. No spam from here :-P.
> I was wondering what version of Debian people prefer for servers?
> Stable, or testing. I understand that unstable is right out for this
> sort of application, even though thats what I run on my desktop.
> >From my experiences with unstable though, it isn't very. I have had no
> problems with it. I was thinking switching to testing would give me
> stuff like v. 1.3.27 of apache, up from .26 in stable. Is it worth it?
> Or should I just leave everything as is, and just get my critical
> updates from security.debian.org?

My opinion is to install woody & use back-ported packages from
sid for the programs, you *really* need newer versions of. Check
www.apt-get.org for that.

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