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Re: make-kpkg: permission denied making modules_image

i hope you don't mind me asking a question...

also sprach Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> [2003.07.06.0223 +0200]:
> % sudo echo 'debian := 5:501c' >> /etc/kernel-pkg.conf

what does this line do?

the reason why i don't like your approach, although i really
appreciate you showing it to me, is as follows: i have about 33
machines under my control, each of which i run with customised
kernels. and each of which is different, of course.

previously, i had a schema that allowed me to compile e.g. a kernel
with grsecurity and freeswan patches, and the nvidia and lm-sensors
modules as follows:

  kcompile 2.4.21 grsecurity freeswan-ext . nvidia lm-sensors

it would compile the patched kernel and the modules, drop the .deb
(which would be named just right) into an apt-getable tree, and off
i went. configuration all automated in the background.

this scheme broke (it was never really unbroken). so now i want to
make a new one. i guess what i will be doing is something like:

  cd ~/debian/kernel/src
  tar xfj KERNELS/linux-${desired_version}.tar.bz2
  rm -rf ../modules/*
  for i in $desired_modules; do
    tar xfz /usr/src/${i}.tar.gz
  cd linux-${desired_version}
  make-kpkg ... || exit -1
  make-kpkg ... || exit -1
  make-kpkg ... || exit -1

anyhow. is there anybody in a similar situation to me? how do you
solve the problem?

and manoj: i don't think i quite get lndir yet. i mean, i understand
100% what it does. i just don't know how i can profit of it. it only
works if the ln'd source trees all have the same patches, right? so
unless i want to keep a source tree around for each patch
combination, it won't really help me a lot, right?

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